Hello beautiful people,

My name is Petrina Fuda, I am the Artistic Director and resident artist; illustrator, sculptor, designer and free thinker. 

Life at times can throw us curve balls, this can be challenging and humbling. However through self awareness and the expression of art and beauty, we can learn to become better humans.

This site was an idea from years ago, and now I have decided to move forward with it to release parts of self, and to start anew. The pre-made cover art series was inspired from my childhood experiences. I hope this series will resonate with like minded writers. 

The book covers have been priced in accordance to originality.

Any cover that has been designed using stock photos, are cheaper than the covers with original photography and illustrations. One of my missions is to co-create with Australian artists, to bring forth expressions of truth, wisdom and stories to share with the world. 

We can learn alot from our past, however it is within each moment that brings joy, healing and fresh perspective. 

We all have a story to tell, it is up to us how we choose to express it and what form to express it in.  

Art is a healer that educates and creates worlds.  

This healer became a form of expression, from fine arts to the digital world that eventually lead me into servicing small business as a profession.

The art of creation is a gift!