A short story challenge "The Little Black Book" the end is only the beginning...

When one seeks, one shall find, hmm, an interesting thought to have entered my psyche. I feel the sensation of raindrops touch the cells of my skin; wet, cold, silken, and beautiful. My breath seems to echo in vibration and the beating of my heart is amplified as I slowly become conscious of my surroundings.

I hear a whisper saying, “we don’t have a choice” and then what sounds like scrambling of feet moving at fast speed into the void.

Peering up into the night sky, I feel confused and disoriented, I see a mist of clouds sweeping over the moon as it shines a silver reflection upon my position.

My vision is adjusting to the surroundings. It must be early hours as it is quiet and peaceful, yet the smell in the air feels new. An embodiment of density is felt in my energy field as I slowly rise from the hard gravel road, I find myself lying upon.

Something feels strange, my head is so much heavier than usual, my body feels extremely sensitive and my energy is exhausted of vitality. There is no sign of blood, yet I feel like I can barely move.

In my right hand, I find myself grasping tightly to a little black leather-bound book. The cover seems to have an embossed symbol on it that I cannot quite make out. In the distance, I can see a streetlamp that is lighting a pathway forward.

It is my curiosity that motivates me to move, otherwise, I think I would just stay here until the dawn breaks.

As I begin to walk slowly towards the light, I feel a purr coming from my feet.

Hello cat, have you been with me this entire time? It stands to reason that I did not see you, you are as black as the night. So beautiful, affectionate and comforting in my disposition. I feel a connection, do you belong to me? I am feeling quite foreign not knowing where I am, or how I got here, like I am in my own mystery thriller, yet without any fear attached.

We move towards the streetlamp. My mind beginning to analyse and process to see if any recall is brought forward. “We don’t have a choice” is the only thing that is repeating in my head. What does this mean?

I finally reach the streetlamp and eagerly place the leather-bound black book under the light to see what is embossed on the cover. I run my fingers over what looks like a 5-pointed star drawn inside a circle with a key engraved in the centre. Surrounding the outside of the circle there is strange lettering, a language that I do not understand.

As I open the book, I begin to read fluently the strange language written on the inside pages. I have no idea what I am saying, it is as if something else is channeling through me.

I begin to take on another persona, a form that is not me, yet it is.

I feel an energy pass through my veins and a feeling of power that I have never felt before, a rush of electricity of sorts pulsating, a feeling of pure wonder and awe takes over me. My vision becomes clear, almost too clear. I am seeing colours and vibrations in everything around me. The streetlamp begins to flicker and before I know it, completely blows out!

What is happening to me?

I grab hold of the streetlamp to keep myself balanced, an influx of information begins to filter through my mind, words, visions, voices.

The familiar voice is now speaking directly to me. “We must hurry, Tik Tok, time is running out, we have no choice, follow my instructions and you will be safe”. Everything around me begins to shift, as though I am traveling through a portal of time, yet I am not moving.

The swirling sensation forces me to close my eyes making me feel dizzy and sick “keep moving, we don’t have much time, when you get to the end of the street turn right and enter into the red door between the bookstore and the café”.

Ok, this is a lot to take in all at once, I open my eyes and it is daytime, there are people everywhere rushing about. How much time had passed? It felt like minutes, however here I am, it is the middle of the day. The cat is nowhere to be seen. I gain my composure and begin to walk to the end of the street, I turn right and see a bookstore and café in my vision, since I was not given any business name, I am guessing that the red door will be apparent upon approach.

Sure enough, here I am staring at the red door hidden down the end of a small alleyway between both stores.

My body feels good, I have no more pain and my mind has unbelievable clarity. I have no idea what is happening; however, I am being compelled forward, my body seems to feel intuitively what my mind cannot comprehend.

I approach the red door; I turn the doorknob. I enter into what seems to be an antiquity store, filled with unusual art, sculptures, string instruments, herbs, and candles. It is dim-lit and the air smells of sage and myrrh. I see a small antique table upon entry, engraved with gold foil leaf. On it sits an old oil lamp and an envelope.

Written on the envelope are the words “Trust Me, I will not fail you” There is no one present. Is this message for me, I wonder? The temptation to open it is strong, however, I also feel as though I am being watched. So, I leave the envelope where it is for now. There is a small bell sitting next to the oil lamp, I pick it up and ring it. The sound vibrates throughout the store and I see movement coming from a narrow corridor of bookshelves. I speak. Is anyone here?

A beautiful elder woman with platinum white hair, fair skin, and crystal blue eyes emerges from the corridor, she is elegant and has an energy of wisdom and knowledge about her. She walks gracefully towards me in silence. I am now in some form of enchantment, so I just stand and observe. She approaches me and says nothing. She picks up the envelope and hands it to me, she nods and gives a hand gesture to follow. I place the envelope into my pocket and proceed forward.

We walk through the corridor of books and down a stairwell that seems to lead into a basement filled with ancient artifacts, beautiful grandfather clocks, and walls adorned with cogwheels, as though a clock maker or creator of time dwells here.

The clocks are mesmerizing, I have never seen so many cogwheels that are working in unison with each other. Some have hands ticking, others are filled with jewels and diamonds. Each beautifully handcrafted and of all sizes.

Tik Tok, Tock Tick, Tick Tock, Tock Tick, I begin to whisper to myself, over and over I say this chant, in unison with the ticking around me. Faster and faster, louder, and louder.

The faster I go, I begin to see everything around me transform, moving at the speed of light. I have no comprehension of what is happening. It is as though time and space are bending at my will.

Then everything freezes and in front of me stands a tall 1920’s antique mirror.

I see myself in the reflection, I reach into my jacket pocket and pull out the envelope that was handed to me earlier. My reflection speaks.

Trina, you have unlocked a door into time and space, where anything and everything exists all at once. I am you in this timeline sent to pass a message to you. I had you come on this small adventure so you could experience the truth of existence for yourself.

You are an original, your soul has existed since the beginning of time and space and you can bend reality at will. You have extraordinary gifts to share with the world, however, we had to place you in a time loop to get you here safely after your victorious battle with the devourers.

This antiquity store is one of your potentials in the multiverse. The woman that brought you here is a version of you, 40 years from now. Just as I am a version of you, mirroring who you are in this present moment.

You have been chosen to clear ancestral wounds of the generations that came before us. To lift our family curse and all the lies that social conditioning has placed upon humanity. It is our duty to unravel and heal the old holographic programming from our DNA so we can rewrite a new and better story, giving hope for the future.

You are a key and a survivor of the unseen spirit worlds, and now have an opportunity to be a part of the new programming in collaboration with others of your kind.

You may not remember the battle of good vs evil; however, we want you to know that you did not fail. The shredding and stripping of everything you own took great courage. To face fear and death so many times is commendable. We see that your heart is pure and that unconditional love matters to you and towards all life forms.

Our gift to you is in that envelope. When you return, know that you are supported by spirit and that you can rewrite a new life into existence.

Just remember that with humility, wisdom, compassion and unconditional love, a state of peace exists within that no - thing can take away from you.

This is your core truth.

My reflection in the mirror dissolves and I become one and the same with it. At this moment, I see that I am all things and no - thing.

Everything around me is being absorbed into the void of darkness and I seem to be traveling through time and space once again.

My physical body begins to slow down and take on the form of solid matter. Stability becomes balanced and I find myself standing at the streetlamp where the journey began. I hear a meow at my feet.

Hello cat, I am so happy to see you. I pick the cat up and a flood of emotions begin to pour out. Tears of grief; each teardrop carrying a memory from humanity and my long and exhausting journey. It was a brutal battle falling from grace and into the abyss of cruel intent, unjust behavior, attacks from shadow demons, control, manipulation, envy, lust, abuse, terror, trauma, loss, and sorrow.

I now remember how I got here, and that I have no shelter to return to.

I place my hand into my pocket and pull out the envelope. I read the message again as a reminder that this supernatural experience was not an illusion. “Trust me I will not fail you”.

I tear open the seal. Inside the envelope is a wad of one hundred dollar bills, I count it as best I can under the lighting conditions. It adds to Twenty Thousand Dollars! I take a deep breath, place my hand on my heart and say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

The end, is only the beginning.

 "A short story submitted for Vocal.media Challenge"

The challenge: to include a little black book and 20k in the creation.


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