2021 "NO JAB, NO PLAY"

Artist: Natalie Rose Perignon

An extraordinary gifted young artist expressing a real human rights issue, a voice for any child who feels manipulated into doing something against there will. 

Quite thought provoking...

Children rely on their parents and media for education, including a stable and safe upbringing. At such a young age, when children are highly influenced, is it a wise decision to rush towards the vaccine?

Right or wrong, wisdom would say, wait for long term results. 

It is one thing for adults to be the experiment of new vaccines, it is another when we consider the lives of our children.

And it wouldn't hurt asking your child how they feel about it too.

It is important at this time not to discriminate or judge!

Question Everything and do what is right for you and your family. 

Thank you Natalie for this empowering image.