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Premade or Custom Cover Art | Formatting Services

Start selling your skills and talent at prices your work deserves. Focus on your individual style, favourite genres and point of difference.  We want you to have fun, experiment and make money in the process. 

If you have the skills and want to join us, please register your interest here and become verified. 

* Let your creativity shine!

Calling For Book Designers 

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  • DoBooks is a marketplace where authors can buy professional cover art and publishing services online, across multiple platforms
  • Be assured that artwork meets industry standard specifications for in-print and online.
  • Connect with professional designers and their unique styles.
  • Have access to publishing resources and guides
  • E-book formatting services ( smashwords, kindle, amazon, mobi, create space ...)

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Becoming a vendor is simple. 

Easily upload and manage your work / products. 

  • Manage media gallery
  • Manage products or services
  • Manage linked products: grouped, upsells and cross sells
  • Edit information: name, description, PayPal email address, slug

Being a part of a niche network, designers can focus on their individual style, favorite genres and point of difference, whilst being inspired by other designers. 

We want you to have fun, experiment and make money in the process.

If you have additional skill sets such as

  • E-book / Paperback formatting services
  • Editor
  • Writer
  1. Publishing & Marketing for authors ( info products)
  2. Author of your own books ( Fiction or Non Fiction)
  3. Blogger - Short Articles ( helpful tips for authors)

please make note of this when we contact you. If we find your skills / products are valuable to our marketplace, we may grant permission to sell these services or products under your vendor account or hire you as part of our team.


Additional Income Potential

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